2-WaySMS.com is a reliable SMS gateway for sending and receiving SMS since 2009.

To fit your needs, we built an API for bulk messaging and WEB-SMS for private usage.

With our 2-Way SMS API, it is very easy to enable SMS services for your current project, application, CRM, WordPress or any system you would like, without needing to write long code. Just a couple of code rows have to be pasted into the source of your programming code.

2-Way WEB-SMS is a simple and effective messaging solution, without the need to install software or purchase additional devices. Best of all, only a web-browser and Internet connection is needed to send and receive messages one by one, from the contact list, or to the whole group with one click. Our intelligent system will sort your messages in conversation mode and save these into a virtual Inbox and Outbox, as well.

Whatever volume you have, or whichever way of messaging you prefer, with us you will be able to reach your customers, family, or friends in more than 160 countries and 880 carriers world-wide.

Three easy steps
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No contracts or monthly charges
Web-SMS • HTTP API • Unicode SMS • Delivery reports
Long messages • Dynamic Sender ID • Virtual Inbox
Inbound messages forwarding to your E-mail or Script